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Womens Clothing essentials trends

Clothing essentials: 5 must have items in your wardrobe!

Items for a classic
& timeless wardrobe

Easy to mix & match. Get a flawless look for any occasion
with these timeless items

From the perfect white T-shirt to a subtle black blazer, in every wardrobe their are a key set of must have classic pieces which none of us could do without. These pieces tend to be highly interchangeable garments which safe guard us from making a faux pas in our outfit. Be it when we are in a rush in the morning to get to work on time or a quick dash out the door to meet up with friends for dinner. Here are some of our favourite Basic’s which can form the building blocks of your day-to-day style.


Linen Shirt

What: White shirt.

How: Pair with a nice skirt or pants. 

Where: The office, afterwork drinks, chilled weekends or dinner parties.

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Tie Front
Mini Dress

WhatBlack dress.

HowContrast the stylish simplicity of a black dress with accessories. Make your outfit pop with a pendant or necklaces and other items of jewellery. This will add uniqueness to your outfit – Casual, Work, Sexy or Chill.

Where: At work, dinner with friends/family or date night.

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High Rise
Rip Jeans

What: Blue denim.

How: Matchable with pretty much anything you like in your wardrobe. Great for pretty much any occasion.

Where: At work, day off, party, diner or catchup drinks with the gals.

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Mid Rise Relaxed
Roll Hem Short

What: Shorts.

How: Look smart or more chill/casual.  An item which will go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Where: At work, interview, dinner, parties, on a date or anywhere else. 

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Sleeve Blazer

What: Blazer.

How: Dress to look cool, smart or sexy. Incorporate with a simple t-shirt, elegant top, shirt or dress. So many opportunities with this items.

Where: At the office, diner, party, date or out for drinks.

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