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Pastel Colours: Favourite styling tips for 2020 Winter season

Dusty Pink,
Tan, Baby Blue and
Natural Hues…

This winter more than ever, PASTELS are in!!

With pastel shades taking over the fashion world this season, Ally has got you covered for soft, soothing, fab winter styles!

Featured within this season’s collection are Ally’s Loungewear range of tops, skirts, sweaters and track pants. Cleanse your palette and inject pretty pastels into your wardrobes by either mix and matching different colour shades together within the same outfit or get the monochrome look with a matching set of your favourite pastel colour.

Favourite styling tips include; choosing ‘cotton candy pink’ as an alternative to classic white in your outfit. Get the look by combining a dusty pink T-shirt with high-waisted denim shorts, to complete the look add accessories such as a handbag, scarf or even a pair of pastel sneakers.

Other fab pastel colours featuring this season include ‘Lilac’ the soft and light shade of purple. Lilac is a great match for many skin tones and matches perfectly with all your white, black or denim wardrobe staples.

But why stop there? Give beige, nude, peach or dusty blue a try and avoid the winter greys for a change. With so many pastel hue possibilities, there are so many fun wardrobe options to try, how will you wear your pastels this season?

Cleanse your palette and inject pretty pastels into your wardrobes this season at Ally Fashion, checkout Pastels Edits.


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