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Amelia Marni Love Island

On set with Amelia Marni from LOVE ISLAND

Ally: Ok so, first things first… The most obvious question, Are you and josh still together?

Amelia: Yes…. Help me guys, I’m whipped (laughs)

Ally: Have you met each other’s parents yet?

Amelia: I’ve met his parents. I’ve met his sister, mum and dad… I’ve met his dad a few times. He hasn’t met my mum or dad yet… but he has met them over Skype, if that’s a thing.

Ally: How did it go meeting his family?

Amelia: They’re Lovely! And afterwards he showed me a text from his mum, and it was like “We officially love Amelia”, and I was like, “That’s it, we’re getting married” (laughs)

Ally: Aww, that’s so sweet! So, what made you apply for Love Island?

Amelia: I think I’d been single for maybe, about 4 years almost, and my friend from uni had been obsessed with the UK version of the show, and she was like “OMG Amelia, you have to apply for this show!” and I was like “what is this show?!” I thought it was like Geordie Shore… trashy English TV (laughs) so I was like “No… I’m crazy but I’m not THAT crazy” and she said to do it anyway, so I applied and they ended up getting back to me and I was like “OMG” I couldn’t believe it was actually happening and so, here I am now, in the Ally studio! (laughs).

Ally: How exciting?! So, you and Josh, you came in third (on the show), how do you feel about Grant and Taylor winning, now that they’ve split up and the drama surrounding that?

Amelia: I feel like, splitting up is all part of it, isn’t it? Like these things have happened all along, like naturally and it was almost like, everything was very real and in there, they were SO in love with each other… You can’t fake that.

I would be watching them, and Grant would be staring at Taylor, literally like, frothing. So yeah, they were definitely in love at the time and I think their love deserved to win. But I really couldn’t care less honestly; coming third didn’t bother me…

I was almost glad because we got to go home and there was less pressure on us in the media, because we didn’t win. I was just excited to leave with Josh! (laughs).

Ally: Moving onto fashion now, what brands are you currently loving?

Amelia: Let’s see…. At the moment I’m really loving Zimmermann, definitely the more girly brands… obviously I’m loving Ally…. I really love With Jean and Faithful, those type of really girly, sweet, feminine boho kind of brands… With Jean is like heaven.

Ally: so what is your fave current trend?

Amelia: I really love ummm… I don’t know how to talk in fashion! (Laughs)

I love linen, very girly and flirty, sweet styles… minimal but still feminine, euro vay-cay vibes. I love summer! I hate winter- jumpers and jeans… I hate covering up in winter but it’s cold so, I have to (laughs).

Ally: Your skin is amazing! What are your beauty secrets?!

Amelia: Well I drink A LOT of water, I notice if I drink 4 litres a day… my skin was like heaven. I never, EVER sleep with makeup on, I use Cetaphil cleanser and I moisturize everyday… also sometimes wear sunscreen.

But, moisturizer and cleanser every night! No make-up wipes, I feel like make-up wipes make my skin weird, so just- clean and minimal products.

Ally: What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

Amelia: At the moment, I don’t even know what spare time is, so I guess, just spending time with my friends, I love taking photos, I’m obsessed with cooking, which I’ve had no time to do lately, so that’s really sad, hanging with Josh, walking around with Josh, holding hands.. just Josh in general (laughs).

Ally: Lastly then, what’s in store for the future with you and Josh?

Amelia: Well apparently, we’re going to be official soon… I think he’s got something planned… because I said to him, I feel like we’re already official and he was like “just wait!” and I was like “oooh what’s happening?!” (laughs) so number one we’re going to become official, we will obviously say “I love you” more to each other… we’ve only said it three times…

We were even talking about moving in together… He lives in Bronte and I want to move to Bondi, and so does he…so maybe moving in together, obviously becoming official… He was talking about having kids the other day (laughs), I was like “Dude I’m not even your girlfriend yet, we can’t have kids YET” so yeah, definitely…

He’s the One. I’m Obsessed.