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We sat down with the face of our new Curvy range Yasmine to get to know her a little bit more… Here is the goss on the gorgeous Yas!!


What made you want to become a model?

I always had the thought in the back of mind ‘being a model would be sooo cool’ but I never thought it was achievable because I was curvy and the body positivity movement was still underground. I started following models like Ashley graham and I remember thinking ‘wow’ someone is actually doing this. From there, I started following more body positivity influencers and that was my introduction into this world. My confidence grew and I wanted to help this social change happen. For me, it’s about helping other girls feel confident, learning to love their bodies and know that they are beautiful at any size.


What does being the face of our Curvy range mean to you?

Being the face of ally’s curve range means a lot to me. Growing up I always wanted to wear clothes that my smaller friends were wearing and Ally was the only place I could find some things in a size 16 – and even they were limited. Having clothes that you feel good in is so important for your self confidence and I definitely had issues with that through my teens. Now that Ally has a full curvy range I know it will mean so much to other curvy girls out there and to be the face of that is a huge honour for me.


What would you tell your 16 year old self if you had the chance?

I would tell myself a few things haha but probably most importantly would be to not stress about the pressures of ‘knowing what you want to do in life’. In high school i think there’s so much pressure to go to uni  and know what you want to do at such a young age. Give yourself time to explore yourself, have fun, meet new people and travel. With experience you will get to know yourself better and therefore make better choices for your future. Having said that, if you know what you want to do then go hard and chase your dreams!


Who do you look up to in the modelling industry?

I look up to models like Ashley graham & latecia Thomas. Not only are the absolutely gorgeous, they are also such great role models for all curvy girls because of their work in promoting body positivity.


5 beauty/skin care products you couldn’t live without?

Moisturiser, bronzer, face scrub, mascara & nail polish.


What’s your advice to younger girls who want to become a model?

If you know it’s what you want to do, then the first step is to get your portfolio together and apply with agencies. Also, work on Instagram, because half the time that will be your portfolio. Once your signed you have to work hard. Modelling isn’t easy, so you have to work to succeed just like any other career. You also have to be professional, head strong and determined.


Who are your fave influencers right now?

Jade Tunchy is one of my fave influencers at the moment. She literally cracks me up! We need more people like her in the Instagram world because sometimes it just gets a bit fake and unrelateable. She keeps it real and I love that about her.


What is your fave thing to shoot? Fashion, beauty, lifestyle?

Probably fashion because I get a little sneak peek of upcoming looks. I also learn so many styling tips😏


Fave holiday destination?

New York, New York 🗽


Fave season?

Spring 🌸


Celeb crush?

Chuck Bass / Anthony Joshua


Best advice you have ever been given?

‘Let your haters be your motivaters’

I have run this quote through my head anytime anyone said something negative to me or anytime I had to deal with rejection. Anytime someone told me I couldn’t do something or achieve something, I would use that as an incentive to prove them wrong. I know it’s cheesy but it works for me 😂


If we looked at your playlist we’d be surprised to find…

Probably my jazz Christmas album lol. I get so excited for Christmas 😂