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Meet our Swim Campaign model!

We sat down with our mega swim babe @sarahsuuu and asked her a few q’s for you gals to get to know the face of our new campaign!


You’re a model turned influencer, what’s it like making the switch?
I’ve received heaps of great opportunities as an influencer, I feel like many companies are looking for someone with modelling experience who also has a good social reach so it’s been advantageous with both.


What’s it like being the face (and body) of our swim campaign?
It’s been awesome! I had a great time on the shoot day and I love how the final images turned out.


Which bikini in our collection is your fave?
The yellow bikini, in love with how the colour pops against my skin tone!


Do you prefer the beach or the pool?
Definitely the beach or beach pools, not a fan of regular chlorine pools.


Real tan or fake tan?
Despite how harmful sun baking is, I do love a real tan!


Fave summer vacay spot?
Balmoral beach!


Beauty item you can’t live without RN?
Highlight powder and liquid, I can never have too much glow!


Most embarassing moment of all time?
Accidentally calling my teacher Mum in yr 3!!!


Celeb crush?

Jennifer Lawrence, she seems like such a real and fun person!


Fave dating app (if any)
Everyone’s fave, Tinder!


Best life advice your mama gave you?
What someone says to you, they will say about you.


What’s the last live gig you went to?
Groovin the Moo.


If we looked at your playlist we’d be surprised to find…
Sleeping music for my cat haha!!


What’s one thing no one knows about you?
I was the culprit who threw my veggies in the bin at after school care but wouldn’t own up to it! The whole class got banned from play time that day haha.