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5 Reasons the Teddy Jacket is here to stay!

Are you Teddy ready for Autumn?

Teddy jackets were seen every where last year with everyone who was someone in Fashion, stepping out onto the streets all Teddied up!

Didn’t quite get there last year with this trend?

Don’t worry! Teddy jackets will be back this year, bigger, better and softer!


Love this trend but don’t know why?

Here are 5 reasons the Teddy is an essential again this Autumn.

1. They are the best “throw on” jacket a girl could have!

The plus side to the Teddy being so big and bulky is that it takes over the outfit completely, this means it is such an easy coat to grab on the way out, knowing you will look fab with it on, regardless of your outfit…. Because you probably won’t see it :’)

2. They literally go with basically anything!

The good thing about the Teddy jackets is, it doesn’t matter what you have on underneath.. The jacket will become the hero piece of the outfit!

3. There are styles for every shape!

Teddy jackets don’t discriminate, there are shapes, sizes and colours… For all shapes sizes and colours!

STYLIST’S TIP: If you want to elongate your legs, whilst strutting your stuff in a ball of fluff.. Go for a “bomber” styled Teddy, this will give you shape but also allow you to rock this over sized trend!

4. They double as a blanket!!

I mean… A jacket and a blanket all in one? Sounds like i’ll be napping with my Teddy jacket any chance i get!

5. It will literally be the comfiest jacket you own.

At the end of the day, fashion over comfort… But when fashion is comfort? The trend will stay around for a while. Because who doesn’t want to look fab and fashion forward, whilst being comfy at the same time?