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HOW TO WEAR: Winter Florals

Winter is almost here! Being my fave season, i am very excited to write these blog posts helping you babes get your wardrobe Winter ready!


Although florals are usually seen as more of a Summer essential, you can still incorporate the print into your day to day outfits.

You will see a lot of floral print that have a base of black – This is an easy pick for anyone that wants to still be able to wear their fave print on the cooler days.

Just because it’s cold.. Doesn’t mean you have to wear dark colours.

Pick out the colours in the print to brighten up the look – If the base of the dress is black, but the flowers are pink, try popping it with a pink teddy jacket rather then black. This will draw more attention to the print, along with brightening your look without it being too summery!

Everything is about tones… And don’t be afraid to mix light weight fabrics with heavy knits or trench coats.

The fun part about Winter layering, is that as long as your colours in the outfit match..

The look will work!

Play with lengths! Cropped jackets are in this season, choosing a cropped jacket to pair with a floral dress will give you the extra shape you might need!

Tucking a knit into a skirt or pants can be tricky… But it is always easier to pull off when the fabric of the bottoms are more light weight.

It allows for you to have a little extra room and will help hide any bulkiness.