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Release your wild side with Animal prints: How, Why & Where

The classic item for every wardrobe – Grrr!

Get your wild side out in the open for everyone to see with exotic leopard, cheetah, jaguar, zebra, tiger or even snake fabric styles.


Often associated with fashion styles of the 70’s. Pop culture icons such as Debbie Harry (Blondie) and the queen of diva Cher famously wore these bold and iconic styles that keep inspiring girls today to glam up and be bold.

Although animal prints are a classic for exerting a bold confident look, be mindful with what to mix and match with your chosen feature item of clothing. A common fashion faux pas is the mixing of too many animal print patterns together at once, it is possible to obtain a winning unique style however not many of us achieve this outcome when styling our outfit with multiple animal prints. As a safe way to getting your outfit right is to only incorporate one or two animal patterns per outfit and utilize solid colours within your remaining items. Such as Leopard print top alongside a skirt with solid colour black. By doing this you will make everything stand out more and help give your outfit the harmony and balance it deserves.


Here are some simple tips for how best to wear your outfit depending upon the particular occasion.

At the office
Aiming to instill sophistication and elegance within your work outfit. Keep it simple and subtle with one animal print item alongside solid white or black outfit.

For a girl’s night out

Get a total look and show up on the radar. Suggest Lace Trim Leopard Cami & skirt that brings back the nostalgic looks of the 70s.

For the weekend

Comfy is the key for a chill weekend at home or outside for a brunch with some friends. No need of craziness, an oversized animal print knit or a cardigan will do with some pairs a jeans or shorts according to the weather.

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