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fun things to do at home

10 fun things to do at home

Unpack your creative side
and get busy having fun at home!

We all love making and doing new things. Here are tips for fun things to do at home to help you connect with your creative side and seize the day. Surprise yourself with your new skills and talents.


Live stream your own cooking show

Showcase your signature dishes and get others inspired by your creations. Make your own cooking show via live stream, showing off your skills in the kitchen. Take advantage of the free streaming services available such as YouTube Live and Facebook Live.


Try your hand at doing art

Go on an art hunt around your house to see what you can find. From making a cute teddy bear from old jumpers and scraps to creating an amazing collage. Try your hand at doing art and you may even surprise yourself.


Master new makeup looks

There are tons of tips and tricks that you can find online, everywhere from YouTube to Instagram that make it really easy to get that look you always wanted.


Plant seedlings

Discover your greenthumb, grow everything from mung beans, cherry tomatoes and delicious herbs. It always tastes better when you grow it yourself.


Learn Yoga

Yoga is a refreshing way to do exercise indoors, not only does it make you feel great. Enjoy all the health benefits that go along with it, that includes strengthening, flexibility, stress relief & more. Once you have learnt the moves, start up your own online session with friends.


Learn to do nail art

Polish your manicure skills and create fabulous nail designs. Glitter, stickers and powder can all form part of your DIY nail art kit. Share your creations online, discover while learning new tricks and tips from great online tutorials.


Make jewellery

Repurpose your old jewellery by making new and exciting necklaces through doing rethreads of beads and nick nacks from around the house. Make something that is truly unique and colourful. Join a craft blogging group and learn how to use tassels, feathers and create painted bobby pin earrings.


Declutter a space in your home

Take it one project at a time and enjoy the process of streamlining your stuff. By declutter a space in your home it helps simplify your life and makes the space you have even more enjoyable.


Teach pet new tricks

The average dog can understand approximately 165 words, more with training. Have fun with your little friend teaching tricks and games that you can play together.


Stream music and listen to podcasts

Listen to your favourite music playlist and podcast in the comfort of you home, whether your are excercising, cooking or cleaning the house. You’ll find plenty of services to choose from such as Spotify, Apple store, YouTube.

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